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3 Tips to keep your boiler in good working order this summer

This summer in Manchester has been somewhat an improvement on previous years. In terms of actual days where the sun has been out and everyone has headed in their droves to a BBQ or beer garden, we have been spoiled. With Donald Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement and reopening the coal industry in America, we should get increasingly used to the hot weather as global warming continues to rise, so it is best to maybe set a few things straight.

#1 Should I turn off my boiler completely?

I will start to answer this question with a question of my own. Do you need hot water from your sink and bath taps over the summer months? If so, it would be wise not to have your boiler switched off. Modern washing machines and dishwashers are cold fill by design so the hot water is not needed for these appliances. If you use a dishwasher instead of washing the dishes by hand, and you have a shower rather than a bath, then it may be a feasible measure. If you do not, on the other hand, then we have to say no to this one. It can be a great way to save money, but you still need your facilities to be running properly.

#2 Should I just turn off my central heating/radiators?

Having a combi-boiler like the Intergas Combi Compact ECO RF 30kw will allow you to switch between three settings, radiators, hot water or dual use. If you are looking to reduce cost and output from your boiler, then switching from dual use to hot water will ensure that you get hot water all around your house while your radiators are switched off. A Mancunian summer has the odd evening where you think to yourself, I will stick the heating on but there is nothing a blanket on the sofa won’t take care of.

If you have a family member who needs some heating in a particular room then you could simply walk round the house and turn off all of the radiators in the rooms where they are not required and leave them on where they are required. This can be done manually on each radiator.

If you choose to turn off your central heating for the summer or any extended period, we would always suggest that once a month you run the system for a few minutes. This will keep the system in good working order. Failure to do so could result in a call out come October when you switch back on.  This can be avoided by simply switching on your central heating until your radiators begin to get warm. Doing this occasionally throughout the summer will prevent the pump and diverter valve which direct water around the heating system from seizing up.

#3 Should I get my boiler replaced in the summer?

If you are looking for a new boiler, we would always recommend you aim for the summer months. The Summer months are the time historically that boilers are used less as discussed earlier, the heating is rarely on. With this in mind, you can see you will miss not having the boiler working for a day will have a far less impact on family life.  Another factor to be aware of is the fact that Winter is a heating engineers busiest time, so you will find there are more available engineers around when you choose a Summer install.

Interest-free credit options are available on selected models, conditions apply. Don’t wait another cold year, upgrade that old boiler today!

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